Eddyfi Technologies has acquired NDT robotics leader, Inuktun. Read the official press release here.

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Global Reputation

Welcome to InCommand Robotics, the home-grown American subsidiary of Inuktun Services Ltd.

InCommand provides demonstration, rental, problem-solving and repair services to customers throughout America — including rapid access to Inuktun's industry-leading range of multi-mission modular robotic technologies for tank, pipe and infrastructure inspections.

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Local Expertise

We’ve moved! The InCommand team has relocated to Eddyfi Technologies’ location in Deer Park, Texas, USA. Director of US Field Sales Operations Wes Kirkland leads a highly qualified team of Inuktun trained and certified personnel versed in all our products and industries. 

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Unique Technology

Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) technology allows for rapid reconfiguration of our remote systems in order to meet your precise project demands.

With the development of an ever-expanding array of advanced Inuktun equipment, easily reconfigurable by the operator in line with job-specific requirements, InCommand promises to take you further and further down the modular technology path. So you can inspect the unexpected…

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